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Anonymous asked:
Tyler I've read your story many times and it really touches me, like how you changed and everything and you're so young. You're so down to earth and typically guys who 'look' like you, are usually jerks but You're the complete opposite, I just wish I could hug you tight and tell you everything's gonna be okay and just for one moment make you forget about all the crap. I know I can't relate to near as much pain as you've been through but I really do care about you Tyler. <3

thank you, beautiful.

Anonymous asked:
i don't get it. you and your sisters stories don't really match. if your mom died a few months after you were born, then how is your younger sister hear? &in her story, her mom calls her worthless and stuff, she wouldn't remember that if she was a baby when her mom died..?

she’s not my biological sister. we have the same dads. my dad got married and i got kicked out, i now live with my aunt in ny. she lives with my dad and her mom, she’s 2 years younger than me and my dad and mom were divorced before she died. so, you wanna keep being a bitch and thinking you know everything? i hope you’re proved wrong now.

Anonymous asked:
You're so perfect. :'(

im not..

yourpennsylvania-deactivated201 asked:
hi, you're cute too 8) how are you?

im good. you?


louboutins-and-love asked:
hey tyler well i dont know what to do. I followed your sister btw. xx

just take a breather. & thanks. :)

smilingontheoutside912 asked:
I followed your sister!


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